The Answer to My Prayer

Mark 11:24
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

When I retired back in November, I had a lot of emotions. What is next? Will we have enough money? Should I get another job?

Believe me, I was frankly very nervous and stressed about this time in my life that should be filled with excitement and leisure activities.

I had always thought that I would want to do more volunteer work at my parish. I already teach religious education there and I really enjoy it. So, I prayed to God to show me what I should do and hopefully something would come to me.

Boy, did it ever!

In a bold move for me, I reached out to my wonderful pastor and offered to help at the parish during a time that there was a transition in the religious education office. He thanked me for my offer and I moved on to other things.

Then the Deacon called me and offered me a part time position in the religious education office. I was thrilled! But i was more amazed that I was going to be paid for it – I didn’t expect that at all.

So, God provided again for me with a chance to serve my parish and get paid for it. But in this first week, it has been more wonderful than I could have prayed for. The staff at my parish made me feel at home right away and Deacon Jim is a wonderful boss. I really feel a sense of purpose that for many years I have been searching for.

I should have had more faith that God would provide for me instead of being so worried. I have some work to do on that front.

I am beyond excited to work with these incredible faith-filled people who will make me a better person and a better Christian. I don’t know how to thank God except to give it my best effort every day and look to Him for guidance and grace.

I didn’t know the plans the Lord had for me but He knew all along.


One thought on “The Answer to My Prayer

  1. Congratulations, Clare!!!

    You will do a wonderful job and you couldn’t have a better boss than Deacon Jim to work with. You make a great team!! God Bless you!!



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