The Forgotten Days of Holy Week

Holy Week 2017

Holy Week 2017 began yesterday with Palm Sunday, the triumphant return to Jerusalem of Christ and ends next Sunday with the resurrection of Our Lord on Easter. In between, we have Holy Thursday on which the Eucharist was instituted along with the priesthood, Good Friday when we commemorate the Passion and Death of Jesus for our sins, and Good Saturday when we lay in waiting for the miracle to come.

So, what happens Monday through Wednesday?

I only really noticed this week that Monday through Wednesday is not called “Holy” but only referred to as the “________day of Holy Week”.  Why don’t these days mean anything?

Oh, but they do.

For me, I take these three days and do an examination of my Lent so far. I would have to honestly say that this year was not a good one for me. I started out strong and fizzled away these past few weeks. My Lenten resolutions turned out to be a bust.

What I do each year is take a calendar and pray for a person or group each day. I started out great the first 3 weeks and have barely said a Hail Mary this last week or so. And forget about “giving something up for Lent”. That didn’t last past the first 48 hours.

I think these weekdays of Holy Week are vital to our spiritual journey. We take these days to examine where we are and what we need to do in the home stretch of Lent. We prepare our hearts to receive the greatest gift ever given to mankind. We make our spirits and souls repentant as we listen again to the Passion of Our Lord and try to comprehend what His sacrifice really means. To me, it’s incomprehensible because I can’t believe at times that God thinks I am worthy enough to have my sins forgiven time and time again.

So, during this Holy Week – which really is a full 7 day period – take the time on these first few days to pray, fast, and give alms which we are all called to do. I know I have a lot of praying and apologizing to do to God this year and I am going to start today. I am not going to take this Monday-Wednesday  for granted as just time to cross off until the “real” holy days come.

Every day all year round are holy and a gift from our Creator. I thank Him for all His many gifts but especially for the gift of His Son.

Have a blessed Holy Week and Easter Season!


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