His Will and My Inheritance 

Psalm 119

You are my inheritance O Lord 

What do you think of when you hear the word “inheritance”? 

The word inheritance conjures up the thought of being left something in a  will. What did I mean to the person?  Am I going to get something  of value?   Money, jewelry, real estate or something of sentimental value? In other words,  what’s in it for me? 

In the Scripture  passage above,  the Psalmist is stating that all they need is God for an inheritance. Instead of reading a will, we want to follow God’s will. If we follow God’s will, our inheritance  will be greater then any monetary amount or any piece of land. We will have God and we will have Heaven. 

So instead of thinking of an inheritance as something being left to me, I will start thinking about God’s inheritance as something He is doing for me because of his great love. God does not want us fighting over a Will;  he want us doing His will.  It’s just that simple and it’s just impossible because as flawed human beings , we do many things and many times do not follow His will. 

So do not think of things of this earth but think  of the things above. God’s inheritance is there for all of us if we only try our best to do His will. There is no more important will then God’s and our reward will be great. We couldn’t have inherited anything better. 


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