To Him Through Her




Ad Jesum per Mariam – To Jesus Through Mary

When I was sitting at Mass yesterday, I pulled out my rosary like I do each week and wrap it around my right hand. I don’t know when or why I started doing this; it’s just become a habit of sorts. Only yesterday, I thought about the saying above in regards to the rosary.

As Catholics, we are called to come to Christ through His mother, Mary. We should be asking for her intercession every day for the things we need and the things we need to work on. She is our mother and His mother and don’t we always go to Mom when things get tough?

I belong to Our Lady of Peace parish, yet I have never felt a devotion to Our Blessed Mother. In fact ,when I have that rosary wrapped around my hand, I don’t even say a Hail Mary. I usually use the beads to say other prayers in asking for God’s help, not Mary’s.

I have many rosaries but my favorite is the one that has Saint John Paul II and Pope Francis on it and was blessed by Pope Francis. It is a rosewood rosary that has a nice aroma to it. This is my go-to rosary yet I don’t say the actual prayers that are associated with saying the rosary.

I need to change that.

I need to go to Mary for her help in being a better person and a better mother.

It is through her that I can get to Him.

The Rosary shouldn’t be a string of beads that I wrap around my hand to try to look holy to those around me. I should be using it for the purpose it was created; to pray to God through Mary.

I have always felt guilty that I don’t say the Rosary on a more consistent basis. And I am not going to make any promises to say it daily or even weekly. I  need to start slowly, even with just one decade a day, to get myself to where I need to be. And where I need to be is with Jesus through Mary.



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