Like the Dewfall


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Eucharistic Prayer 2

You are indeed Holy, O Lord,the fount of all holiness. Make holy, therefore, these gifts, we pray, by sending down your Spirit upon them like the dewfall,so that they may become for us the Body and  Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.


When I was at Mass yesterday and this passage was spoken by our priest, for some reason  I was focused on the part of sending down your Spirit upon them like the dewfall.   I have heard this Eucharistic prayer for years now and of course you take these often repeated words for granted. But for some reason, I really listened to this part. 

When I think of dewfall, I imagine going out first thing in the morning to get my daily paper or even walk my dog. The grass, driveway and sidewalks are completely covered in moisture. I walk on the grass and my slippers every day get soaked with the morning dew.

It is in this moment that I should realize that God continuously sends down his Spirit, the Holy Spirit, to us like the morning dew. He covers our world and our lives in the Spirit and we should be soaked each moment with His presence.

Yes, it can be annoying even at times when I am not fully awake yet to have my feet get completely soaked when my dog is taking his morning constitutional. But in this minor annoyance is the promise of God’s love and continuing mercy for all of us. We should treat this daily signal from God as a sign of His total commitment to us as His children.

Did you ever really look at how beautiful things can look in the first light of day? The dew running across spider webs and how it just touches the tips of each blade of grass – simply Divine.

So, tomorrow morning and every morning, rise up and greet the morning dew with thanksgiving and know that God has it all covered. Don’t get aggravated by your wet slippers but praise Him for covering us body and soul with His love and grace. When you track in the moisture from outside, know that God is with you on the inside.






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