Reverent Repetition 

As I was sitting at Mass on Sunday reciting the same prayers that are said each week, it dawned on me. Am I really paying attention to the words I am saying or just trying to get that part of the Mass over with? 

When you enjoy a favorite song, is it the words or the melody that make it your favorite? For me, a lot of times I really like the tune but have no idea what the lyrics mean. It doesn’t make me like the song less; for those songs, I am into the music more than the words. 

So at Mass, am I into the routine predictability of it all and not the true meaning of each prayer I say? 

I think that all of us are guilty of this from time to time. You can’t seriously contemplate every single word you say all the time. It is not in our nature to do that. But, when praying the Mass, we should try with each response to realize that every part of the celebration has great meaning. Every “and with your spirit” and “Amen” spoken contributes to the whole experience. Each time the Gloria is sung, it is raising our voices to the heavens to worship God to the fullest. These are not words to be taken for granted no matter how many times I have recited these over the years. And the Our Father, which the Lord Himself taught us, should never be said as if we were going through the motions. 

So, I am going to look at the Sunday Missal next week and read the responses before Mass. I want to say the words with confidence and conviction. I want God to know that I am fully participating in the Mass and that I take this seriously. The Mass is the summit of my week and I need to pray the Mass with the importance and reverence that God deserves. 


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