No Comparison


courtesy of

Galatians 6:4-5

Each of you must examine your own actions. Then you can be proud of your own accomplishments without comparing yourself to others.  Assume your own responsibility


I have a terrible habit of comparing myself to others. I do it all the time. I look around me and see people who are better looking, slimmer, funnier, smarter and holier than I am. The last one especially – I go to Mass each week and look around and see others that I assume are holier than I am.

I see people that i know are involved in all kinds of parish ministries. I see people that I don’t know but see each week and automatically know that they are better people than I am. I know that they pray more, give themselves to God more and accept their crosses better than I do.

I have come to know that I actually don’t know anything.

As the Scripture passage states, I need to look at my own accomplishments and not compare myself to anyone. So, why is this so hard for me to do?

Maybe it’s because I have not accomplished all that I have thought about doing. I do not pray consistently, don’t read as much Scripture as I used to and have not dedicated enough time to writing for this blog about Scripture.  And I certainly can do a better job at carrying my crosses in life which has been a constant issue for me.

I never feel that I am good enough.

But I know that God thinks I am good enough. He looks at my accomplishments and my shortcomings with the same love and acceptance that I can’t seem to give myself. God knows that life can be hard and that I can be even harder on myself. I need to go to Him more and ask not for His acceptance but for His mercy. I need to feel His mercy so that I can forgive myself for the times when I don’t measure up in my own eyes to others.

I need to assume my own responsibility and that is to live my life the best way I can and try to do what God wants me to do each day. I can never measure up to God but He doesn’t ask me to. In His eyes, I am always good enough.







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