This is my beloved Son.  Listen to Him. 

Why are humans so stupid?

Throughout the Bible, God tells his people what to do and we repeatedly do the opposite. Adam and Eve were told not to eat from the Tree of Knowlwdge and of course, they did.  Lot was told to take his family and flee from Sodom but don’t look back. Lot’s wife can’t help but turn to get a fleeting glance at the burning scene and is turned into a pillar of salt.

Why don’t we listen?

God created us in His image and likeness but with free will. It is our choice to listen or not but why wouldn’t we? Why wouldn’t we want to do what Our Creator has asked us to do? Who do we think we are?

Humans do many things well but being told what to do is not one of them. It is in our human nature to not want to be controlled  even by God. It takes great faith to listen blindly to God and just accept what He tells us at face value.

In my case, I know that my faith needs to be stronger. I  have a terrible time believing 100% in God even though I know I should. I say all the right things but don’t live it. Yes,I am being human.

I also have a hard time knowing when God is speaking to me. I think it is because I don’t think that I am worthy enough for God to have a relationship with me. But of course, no one is really worthy  – but God makes us worthy by loving us unconditionally.  God is always speaking; I just have to learn to listen.

Lord, help me to truly listen for Your voice in my life and to feel worthy of Your love. Let me follow your ways.


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