Blessed Are We

Blessed are we who hear the Word of God

Who hear the Word of God and keep it

Let us then receive what we now hear

Believe what we receive

And become what we believe 

This is a song that we sing each Sunday as our children go to the Children’s Liturgy during Mass. I just recently really thought about what I was singing.

We are truly blessed every time we listen to God’s word and choose to live by them. Each time we hear the voice of God in Scripture, we need to receive it in our hearts and believe what we are receiving. It is in truly believing in what God is doing for us each day that we can become the person that He created us to be.

The Word of God is always there for us – we have ample opportunity to read it in print and online anytime. God never rejects us; we are the ones who turn away from Him.

Let us make a better effort – myself most of all – to turn to His words in our lives . After all, only He has the words of everlasting life.


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