Undoing the Knots

John 2:5
Do whatever he tells you

I just returned from a women’s retreat at the Cape May Marianist Retreat Center. It was my first time at the center and in this kind of group retreat. To tell you the truth, I was very nervous about the whole situation.

It turned out to be a wonderful experience on many levels.

During the weekend, I learned more about Mary and especially Our Lady Undoer of Knots who’s history is from Germany and who Pope Francis reintroduced to the world. This Mary is for all the knots in our lives – the things that keep us from doing the Lord’s will or from growing in our faith life.

I have many knots in my life presently. but the “knots” I need to work on are these “nots – why not, will not, do not and can not. I need to be more open to Mary which I do not do presently. I don’t know why I haven’t asked for Mary’s intercession before especially since I am a member of Our Lady of Peace Parish attending St. Mary’s church!

The Scripture passage above was also talked about and it struck a chord with me. This is from the Wedding at Cana which was Jesus’ first miracle. In His day when you were invited to a wedding, it was unacceptable to run out of wine. In this passage, Mary is telling the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them to do, knowing that a great thing was about to happen.

How many times does a parent tell everyone ” Do what my kid wants you to do”?

Of course, it never happens! But in this instance, Mary knew that her Son was the source and summit of everything. She had the wisdom to know that it was all about His public ministry. She wanted to help Jesus do what He needed to do for God.

Her example to me as a mother is second to none. She is also a model of faith, trust, and obedience that the world has not seen since.

Mary, Undoer of Knot, help me to untie the “nots” of my life. Let me feel the stress and pressure of my knots released so I am free to serve your Son.

When I now look at my rosary, the knots in that sacred string mean so much more to me.

(By the way, a big thanks to all my fellow retreat sisters. It was such a blessing for me to meet you all and share in that fellowship. It truly helped me in my walk with God and hopefully the beginning of my walk with Mary)


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