I Dreamed a Dream



Genesis 41:11

And we dreamed a dream in one night, I and he; we dreamed each man according to the interpretation of his dream.


Everyone dreams each night so I have heard. I had a dream the other night about our Holy Father Pope Francis. I dreamed that I was assisting him in his daily schedule which was extremely busy as you can imagine.

After helping him all day, getting him from place to place and keeping people at a distance from the Pontiff, all I wanted at the end of the day was to take a picture with this holy man. But, after all the crowds had left and it was just him and me, he bid me farewell, thanked me for my assistance and left.

Boy, was I miffed!

I spent my entire day doing things for Francis and all I got was a goodbye wave?

When I woke up, that dream stuck with me. What was it telling me? What was God trying to tell me?

I came to this conclusion – if I was only helping Francis to get a picture that I could show off to my friends, my efforts were not sincere. I should have been helping the Pope out of service and love, not for my selfish benefit.

Pride is a dangerous thing and we all flirt with it from time to time. I realized that I always need to keep God’s intentions first and mine will be taken care of.

So, if I ever get a chance to help the Holy Father or just the people I come in contact each day, let my efforts be sincere and out of love and respect for all people. If I continue to think of myself over everything else, my dreams will soon be nightmares



(picture courtesy of pagecovers.com)


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