Stacked Deck

“God, Thy will is hard. But you hold every card”
– Gethsemane”  from Jesus Christ Superstaridentification-clipart-casino-clipartall-cliparts--casino-clipart-htunoaxo

I have several CDs that I have burned with hymns and other similar songs that I keep in my car. I put in one such CD today and forgot that this song was included. When I heard this one line, I said to myself ” Isn’t that the Truth?”

God’s Will is hard and frankly, I question most of the time whether I am indeed following it. But, as the second part of the line says, God holds every card. No matter what I do, God already knows what the outcome is going to be. But, God expects us to do His will in all things so His plan can be fulfilled. God has stacked the deck in our favor because He has such undying love for us. It is all there for the taking – God’s love, compassion, forgiveness and life eternal with Him.

Lately, I have been doing a lot of reading about discernment and trying to ascertain what I should be doing with my life. I want to do God’s will always, but what is that for me? Is it my daily routine? Is it being a wife, mom and grandmom? Is it being a good worker? What is His will for my life?

All I can do is my best. All I can do is try to make even the routine something that I can give to God each day. He doesn’t need my offerings but I need His offerings. I need Him because He loves me. I need Him because He created me to do His will.

God, Your will is hard. But no one said life was supposed to be easy. And when my earthly life is over, the only words I want to hear are “well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into your master’s house”

Boy, I sure hope I play my cards right..

(Gethsemane” was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber ,Timothy Miles , Bindon Rice.)


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