My Daily Bread

I have decided that this year, I need to get back to God. So, I bought a 2015 pocket calendar and each day, I have been writing a little prayer to God for that day. Just my daily bread and no more.

Now these simple daily thoughts might not seem like much but for me it is huge. It has been months since I have been able to even say the Our Father let alone ask for my daily bread.  I just had this idea that if I took a few minutes each day to jot down 1 prayer request it would help me get right with God.

And so far early in 2015, it has helped me tremendously.

I also have a notepad at my bedside and have each day written down a Scripture passage – any one that comes to my mind – in a daily reflection for myself.

I can only say that after months of doing everything I could to reject God, I felt compelled to return and to make amends. I know that God will forgive me because it is all part of His process to make me a better person. And I can only thank Him for never rejecting me.

I said before that I had this idea – let me correct myself. God gave me this idea. It was and is always about Him.

Thank you God for sticking with me and guiding me back to where I need to be. You have made this new year start off in the best possible way.

Happy New Year everyone!


4 thoughts on “My Daily Bread

  1. Phone doing typos- arrgh! Just wanted to say, I’m glad God is drawing you back to Himself and may you be truly blessed as you seek Him more and more.

  2. I have such a hard time with keeping resolutions. As soon as I missed a day (or failed in some other way to keep it), I would give up and “beat myself up”. Now I set goals that give me some breathing room. Instead of”daily”, I’d commit to “at least 4 times a week”. Thank You Lord for being SO much more merciful to us than we are to ourselves!

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