Guiding Light

Psalm 16:7-8
I praise you, Lordfor being my guide. Even in the darkest night, your teachings fill my mind.
I will always look to you, 
as you stand beside me and protect me from fear.

Lighthouse in Storm

I have been posting lately about all the problems I am having in my life and if it seems like my blog is all about complaints, first let me apologize. I don’t mean to always write about problems but that is where my life is currently.

I just don’t know what to do. Any decision that I need to make in my current circumstances will hurt someone I love, even if it is the right decision. I put a lot of blame on myself for this and although it is probably not warranted, that is just how I feel.

It is in this darkest of nights that I need to reach out to God. I need to let go of my worries and concerns and give it all to Him. He will stand beside me and protect me. I need to know in my heart that He will provide.

It is so hard when every waking moment is so full of worry and stress and heartache. Is God with me in these moments?

Of course He is!

I am a firm believer in the fact that everything that God allows to happen will ultimately have a positive outcome. I clearly don’t see that presently but that is where faith comes in. I just pray that God has a resolution in the near future for our family, no matter what that might be.

So, I pray to God today – Lord, whatever resolution comes of this struggle, I accept it as Your Will. Give me peace of mind and heart and let me praise You always!

And, thank you everyone for your prayers and compassion – I don’t know why I am so blessed but I truly appreciate everyone’s support.

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