My Prayer Revisited

I am struggling.

I wrote this prayer about a year ago in another moment of struggle.

It helps me to go back and read my prior posts – -I guess I should read my own writing and I think God is pointing me in that direction today.

If you are struggling, I hope this helps..

My Lord,

I am in trouble.
I am worried about my current situation.
Everything seems to be going against me.
I have finally realized that I can not live this life alone.
I need You.

Come into my heart and give me the peace of Christ.
Lift me up from the darkness into Your light.
I am scared, Lord.
I am afraid and anxious.
I am having trouble completely trusting in You.

Lord, I am a weak sinner.
I need Your strength and hope.
I desire to give my life totally to You and surrender to Your Will

My Savior, I am in Your hands.
Take me into Your loving embrace and give me a hug.

Thank you for all that You have blessed me with.
I am so grateful for Your love and patience with me.
Let me be patient with others.

You are my hope, my strength, my reason for living.
I will answer “yes” to whatever You need me to do.
Come into my heart and speak to me.
Show me Your ways.

I am Yours, my Lord.
I am Yours.


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