Stop! In the name of God

No scripture passage — just a thought….

So, I have had one of those days. I was literally one minute late this morning and got behind a school bus. At lunch, I got in a line at the bank drive through with one car in front of me and it took 25 minutes for me to deposit a check. I then went to get lunch at a local drive through and again, it took 15 minutes to get 2 sandwiches.

On the way home for lunch, of course I get behind construction which narrowed down the street to one lane. Of course I did.

As I sat in the construction delay, I felt my frustrations bubble to the top. But, as I was getting ready to scream, I said out loud ” OK God. Why are you stopping me today?”

All things happen for a reason that God has put out there. So, was He sending me a message today by making me endure these delays in my day? Was He trying to teach me patience? Was He telling me to slow down my life?

In the whole scheme of things, these delays were not life-threatening or crucial to my life. They were just an ordinary annoyance.  Just something in the daily course of life that frustrates you at first, but then passes by and is in the rear view mirror in a short period of time.

God, thank you for stopping me. Thank you for making me realize that You are in control. Thank you for taking the time to make me take my time.



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