The Suffering

Pope Francis -September 12, 2013

“To think about His meek silence: this will be your endeavour. He will do the rest. He will do everything that is lacking. But you must do that: hiding your life in God with Christ. This is done through contemplation of the humanity of Jesus, of the suffering humanity. There is no other path – there’s none. It is the only way. To be good Christians, contemplating the humanity of Jesus, the suffering humanity. In order to witness, in order to be able to give this witness. In order not to hate the neighbour, contemplate Jesus suffering. To not gossip against the neighbour, contemplate Jesus suffering. It is the only way. Hide your life with Christ in God: this is the counsel the Apostle gives. It is the counsel to become humble, meek and good, magnanimous, kind.”

Pope Francis points out what should be obvious to us all – no matter what is going on in our lives, it is nothing compared to the suffering that Jesus endured for us all.  Whenever we are tempted to do the wrong thing or not be compassionate towards others, think of Jesus’ suffering. Whenever we want to spread gossip or enhance rumors, think of Jesus’ suffering.

Christ did not suffer and die for us to be inhumane or mean spirited. He did not give the ultimate sacrifice for us to not reach out to others, especially the ones who rub us the wrong way.

By always doing what God wants us to do and by remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for us, we can bring others closer to the Lord. The words are easy to say but almost impossible to carry out. But, as we all know, nothing is impossible for God.







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