Saint John Paul II

When I heard the news that Pope John Paul II was to be made a saint, I was overjoyed. By now, we have all heard his life story and he was an amazing person. But, I am happy because it was John Paul II who helped me to return to my Catholic faith.

I was away for the faith for 20 years until I started to pay attention to the news coming out of Rome. Pope John Paul II was very ill and the world was watching and praying for him. Thousands of people were in St Peter’s Square, looking up to the windows of the papal apartments, waiting for some kind of sign.

I was suddenly so moved. I wanted to be a part of this. God was calling me back and I was finally listening.

I wanted to say a prayer for this holy man and I didn’t even know where the local Catholic church was.  Nevertheless, I found my way to St Mary’s church and just sat in the parking lot and prayed for John Paul.  I can’t really describe the feelings I had  – I just knew I had to be there.

After John Paul’s death, I decided to take a step into a church and go to Mass for the first time in decades. And I have been going ever since.

Pope John Paul II was instrumental in bringing me back home.  Today, I love my faith and I love my parish. Our priests are holy men of God and the friends I have made have been life changing. I teach CCD to 2nd graders and enjoy bringing the faith to them.

When John Paul II is canonized later this year, I will be watching and praying to God for the gift of this amazing person in all of our lives. And I will be praying especially to Saint John Paul II thanking him for transforming my life and for saving my soul.

Santo Subito John Paul II!!  Alleluia!


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