Confusion Abounds

1 Corinthians
For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

Lately, I have been having a small crisis in my faith life. My life has been filled with personal trials that are at times overwhelming. I find myself questioning my faith and feeling as if God does not know how hard it has all been. Without going into too much, I have been truly tested and feel like I am failing miserably. I feel very confused, stressed out and uneasy.
But, when I read the passage above, it makes me think about God’s place in all of this confusion. God makes all things peaceful, not confusing. It is confusing to us when we don’t allow God to take care of the burdens and try to do it on a simply human level. It never works.
If I allow God to take all my trials, He will make them lighter. I need to go to Him more and just talk with Him and let Him know that I am indeed struggling. He already knows that; He just wants us to come to Him and He will take care of it.
So, confusion will reign for me until I just let God take care of it all. He never gives you more than you can handle as long as He is in the equation.
God, forgive my lack of faith. Come to me and give me the peace that only you can give.

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