It’s All for the Best

Luke 22:42 
Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.


Boy, did you ever have one of those days? I had one yesterday. My car wouldn’t start and I needed to borrow my husband’s truck to barely get to work on time. Then, I received word that I was not accepted into classes that I really wanted to take. To top that off, I was on the receiving end of a major meltdown by a vendor about a quote and order that I eventually placed with a different vendor. Not a good way to start my day.

On my lunch hour, I started to think about what had happened to me this morning. Maybe my car not starting was God’s way of telling me to slow my life down. My life has been very hectic and stressful over the last month or so and it has affected my physical and spiritual health. God was telling me to take it slow and don’t be so hard on myself if I can’t be everything to everyone.

I didn’t get into the classes I wanted to because God did not want me to fail. Turns out I didn’t really have the background to take those classes and it would have been extremely difficult and more stressful to be enrolled. My initial disappointment had now been replaced with a sense of relief.

As far as the irate phone call goes, perhaps the sales rep was having a bad day himself. Or maybe he needed a sale for his quota and his boss was getting on his case about that. I tried to put myself in his place – he was disappointed about not getting the sale. I had just been disappointed about not getting into these classes. We were both coming from the same place.

We may think we know what is best for us but only God knows that. My day did not start off in the best of ways but ended up just fine. My car problem was just a low battery – ironic, wasn’t it? My own internal battery was running on empty as well. I will sign up for other classes and this time make sure that I can be successful in whatever I choose. And I will try harder to be more sympathetic to those around me knowing that everyone has their issues and problems and sometimes we just let it get to us.

As long as I keep repeating “not my will, but Yours be done” to myself, everything always works out for the best. God answers all prayers but sometimes the answer is “no” and I need to get better at accepting His will in all things. My blessings far outweigh the disappointments in my life and it is because of God’s generosity and love for me that I am so blessed.

So, thank you God for the dead battery, the missed classes and the phone confrontation. And thank you for letting me see Your handiwork in it all.


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