Forgiving Others and Accepting God’s Forgiveness

Sirach 28: 2-4    

Forgive your neighbor’s injustice; then when you pray, your own sins will be forgiven. Should a man nourish anger against his fellows and expect healing from the Lord? Should a man refuse mercy to his fellows, yet seek pardon for his own sins?




One of the toughest things to do in life is to forgive someone who has wronged you.  I don’t mean the people who do something against you without malice. I mean the ones who intentionally hurt you.  At first, you think “Why should I forgive him? He should be begging me for mercy and forgiveness!”.

But, we are called to forgive everyone so that we can be forgiven of our offenses.

There are many examples in the Scriptures of this lesson. The story of the servant who was forgiven his debt by his master, but then refused to forgive a debt from one of his companions is one that springs to mind. Another one is when Peter asks Jesus how many times we are to forgive someone and Jesus answers ” Not just seven but seventy times seven times”. In other words, we are to forgive every time.

I am still working on forgiving someone from 2 years ago who hurt me deeply. I have come a long way, but honestly, I still harbor ill feelings towards this person. In order for me to be completely forgiven by God, I need to completely forgive this person. It seems almost impossible, but with God, all things are possible.

So, the next time you are wronged, think about this Scripture passage.  God is always ready to forgive us but we need to be ready to forgive others.





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