Sinner – A Book Review

I am straying from my usual Scripture reflection today to highly recommend a book – yes, a printed book – to you all. The book is called “Sinner” and it is written by Lino Rulli. Lino is the host of The Catholic Guy on satellite radio ( Sirius XM 129) and I recently discovered his show since I am a new satellite radio subscriber. He has won several Emmy awards for his work in Catholic media as well.

Lino is a wonderful personality. He is funny, entertaining and speaks often about his shortcomings in a humourous way. He puts himself down but you can tell that it’s all done in the name of fun.He also spreads the Catholic faith in a way that I think brings more people into the Church. He talks honestly about what being a sinner and that we are all sinners. Lino really brightens my day!

Since Lino had been talking for months about the process of writing and getting this book published, I was interested in the final product. I purchased the book and it has been a wonderful read. Lino writes in conversational style – you feel as if he is in the room telling you these stories of past events in his life. Lino is quite honest and there are parts of the book that really tug at you.

I would highly recommend the book Sinner to anyone. I have truly enjoyed reading it and it has made me think about my faith and my role as a sinner. Yes, we are all sinners and we all have work to do in getting to a better place. God puts people like Lino into the public eye to spread His word and to make us all think about becoming better people.

Thanks Lino for all you do and for writing this amazing book. I can’t wait for the next one!


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