False Gods

Exodus 22:20
He that sacrificeth unto any god, save unto the LORD only, he shall be utterly destroyed.


There are many “gods” in our lives – things that we put so much time and effort into that it takes over our lives. Some things that I am thinking of include fame, money, power, addictions and pride. These things can overtake us, make us feel more important than we actually are, and deceive us. These “gods” are all tools of the enemy. He loves to see us destroy ourselves with these false promises. We are playing right into his hand by doing that.

There is only one true God that we should be sacrificing for – Our Father in Heaven.  By sacrificing our lives for Him and surrendering to His Will, the only one that will be destroyed is the enemy.

If we allow wordly goods to consume us, we will be heading down a dangerous path. It is so easy as flawed humans to get caught up in material things and put importance on what kind of car we drive, how much we make and whether or not we are in a position of authority. Let the Holy Spirit consume you instead and see where God will take you.




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