The Power of Prayer

1 Thessalonians 5

Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Most people think that praying entails the standard prayers – the Our Father for example – and that you need to be on your knees in a church for God to hear you. That is not the case. You can be praying all day long and not even know it.

When you live your life as God intended you to do, you are praying. When you do an honest day of work, treat others as you would like to be treated and love God, you are praying.  And of course, when you recite established prayers, you are praying.

My favorite type of prayer is just a simple conversation between God and myself. It just comes naturally to me to just tell God what I am thinking or feeling at any moment. He doesn’t care what form of prayer you use just as long as you pray.

In prayer, we are to give thanks for all things. That means the difficult as well as the joyful. It is almost impossible for us as humans to be thankf ul for hard times and injustices that happen to us but we are called to do just that. Give thanks to God for everything because He is the creator of everything. We experience good and bad times according to His plan for our lives. Even the bad times can help us to strengthen our faith and grow closer to God because it is in those times that we finally admit we need God in our lives.

So, don’t think of prayer as being structured or routine – pray throughout the day by just doing the best you can. God understands and will be pleased with your efforts. Give praise to God for every second of your life.  God hears our voices and we need to be still and listen for His.

” O Lord, it’s me again. Yes, I need You in my life. Thank you for everything you have given to me because You are so generous and loving. Help me to be generous and loving to others and to live my life according to Your plan and timing. Let me never take my blessings for granted. You are  in control and I am so glad that You are. Amen”


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