Psalm 139

Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord you know the whole of it

God knows everything that we are going to do even before we do. We are made in His image and likeness. So, why do we speak the way we do? Because we have free will. God allows us to do what we want in the hopes that when we realize we are flawed, we will come to Him.

Before we speak harmful words to or about someone else, stop and think. Realize that God already knows what we are going to say and that He wouldn’t like it. Know that God is there to help us be more Christian to each other. He already knows.

Then why pray to God if He already knows what we are going to say? Because He still wants us to need Him. God wants us to come to Him even when He already knows. He needs us to rely on Him.

Words are powerful things  – they can make or break someone. Use them wisely and with the knowledge that God is there. Use your words to lift someone, not to drag them down. God created us and the words that we use – speakto others as if you were speaking to God himself. He is in all of us.




(image courtesy of www.reconnections.net)


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