The gift of suffering

Corinthians 1:7:

  And our hope for you is steadfast, knowing that as ye are partakers of the sufferings, so shall ye be also of the consolation.

Whe wants to suffer? I don’t know a person on the planet who would embrace suffering. But God calls us to do just that.

In this passage, St. Paul explains that suffering leads to salvation. If you can embrace your sufferings – yes, your sufferings – as a gift from God, Heaven will be yours. Suffering helps to humble a person. I know from personal experience – I have had a nerve condition for 8 years and am in constant 24/7 pain. At first, it was terrible because it was all caused by someone’s negligence. But now, I have accepted the pain as a gift from Our Lord. He is trying to bring me closer to Him through my physical pain.

I offer my pain up for my parish priests and for people that I know are having difficulties in life right now. If you can accept your suffering and pain and realize that through it all, God is still there, then the Kingdom can be yours. With God’s great mercy of course.

So, pray for those who are in pain of any kind – physically, mentally, emotionally. Witness to them that God is always present even in our darkest times. He will deliver you from your sufferings at a time known only to Him. In His timing and in His great mercy and compassion.

God, thank you for my suffering and for allowing me to suffer in Your plan for my life. I will suffer so I can partake of the consolation – eternal life with You.




(image courtesy of flickr)


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